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Transmission Repair in Calgary

… Because only the transmission shop with the best reputation in Calgary should be working on your car.

If you’re experiencing:
• Slipping gears  • Delayed clutch engagement  • Rough/problematic shifting
• Transmission warning lights  • Reddish-brown fluid leak from the middle of your car
… Then your vehicle’s transmission needs professional attention. 


Give your transmission the servicing and care it deserves.

You can count on our experienced Calgary mechanics to give you the straight-up run-down with any diagnosis and repair work your transmission requires. We take pride in providing honest and transparent service with every job we do, and that includes our transmission repairs.

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Transmission issues get expensive if left for too long! Trust us to set you right in no time. Get your transmission serviced by our qualified technicians and relax knowing that we’ve got your back.

Depend on Tire Kings for your Calgary transmission services and repairs because:

  • The transmission of your vehicle is one of its most important components.
  • It is also one of its most intricately complex parts.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic (AKA: “self-shifting”) or a manual transmission – your vehicle depends on it working properly.

A defective transmission can be an expensive and time-consuming repair. 

This is why it’s hugely important to watch for any signs of transmission problems – before they get out of hand.

What happens without a properly functioning transmission?

  • Your car or truck becomes an unreliable and frustrating chunk of (expensive) metal.
  • Slipping gears, stuck shifting mechanisms, and inconsistent speed regulation all compromise your vehicle’s ability to work safely and securely.
  • Your vehicle’s other vital systems (such as suspension, tires, and engine) begin to degrade from trying to compensate for the faulty transmission.

4 signs that you have potential issues with your transmission:

Slipping gears

Rough shifts

Delays experienced before switching into gear

Low fluid level caused by leaks

Get your transmission checked today by one of our qualified technicians.

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