Air Conditioning Inspections

Know when your car’s AC needs Maintenance and Repairs

Air Conditioning

Over time, air conditioning systems can lose refrigerant gas, especially when they are not used regularly. Apart from cooling your car, there are various other benefits to the air conditioning system. For example, air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne particles that help to keep the air in your car clean. This is why car manufacturers recommend your air conditioning system is recharged every 2 years.

4 signs your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs to be inspected.

  • Air isn’t as cold as it used to be
  • Foul smell coming from the AC vents
  • Unusual banging or rattling sounds
  • Puddles or stains from water on your car’s floorboard under the dash

The air conditioning inspection includes:

  • A temperature check
  • A refrigerant check
  • A thorough inspection of the system’s key components, including the compressor, condenser, drive belts and hoses
  • A leak test

Once complete, our team will give you the option of a full air conditioning recharge and have your A/C blowing cold again. During the inspection, if we discover a leak, fault or component damage, we will discuss the recommended repairs with you and provide a quote before any work is carried out.


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