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  • Got brakes that squeal or grind?
  • Need new brake pads or a full brake replacement?
  • Brake pedal feeling spongey or soft?

If your brakes are beginning to display any of these symptoms, you need a brake service call as soon as possible.  Yet you want the best service for something as critical as your safety and that of everyone else on the road: pedestrians, other vehicles, stray pets, and wildlife. Then it’s time to bring your problem brakes to Tire Kings – Calgary’s top brake shop!

Keep everyone safe by maintaining your brakes.

Calgary Brake Service

Keep your brakes in tip-top shape by getting them serviced at Tire Kings. Our local Calgary brake repair services will lengthen the life of your brake pads, calipers, and rotors to make sure your brakes continue working safely.

Calgary brake services include: 
•  Brake Pad Inspections  •  Calipers and Rotor Checks
•  Cleaning and Lubrication  •  Brake Fluid Check-up

Brake Fluid Flush

We, and most brake manufacturers, recommend a brake fluid flush once every 2 years. Brake fluid absorbs moisture which leads to corrosion in the brake lines. Moisture also lowers the boiling point of the fluid, which reduces the ability of the brakes to stop hard and could even lead to brake failure. A spongy brake pedal is the one of the signs that the brake fluid needs flushing. Are your brakes due for a flush?

So Book an Appointment or Call Today with the Best Brake Mechanics in Calgary!


Are your brakes squeaking or grinding? Do you need new brake pads or a full brake replacement?

Get your brakes serviced by our experienced, professional technicians!

4 Signs Your Brakes Need Attention:

Brake warning light


Loud screeching when braking


Pulling to one side




Our expert, local Calgary mechanics provide quality brake repairs at excellent prices. We also offer full brake checks and detailed diagnostics.

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They’re crucial to driving (and stopping!) safely… So why wouldn’t you get your braking system serviced and checked by the best brake shop in Calgary?

Your brakes keep you and your passengers safe, as well as all the pedestrians, wildlife, and anything else you encounter. If you can’t stop fast, you won’t be able to avoid accidents and collisions.

Get your brakes checked today by one of our qualified technicians.

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