Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspections

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Out-of-Province Vehicle Inpections

Did you know that Alberta Transportation’s safety standards differ from those of other provinces? This is why all vehicles that are from outside of Alberta are required to have an Alberta Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection before they can be registered with an Alberta license plate.

Out-of-province auto inspections include:

Engine controls and powertrain



Steering and suspension


Brakes and tires

Fuel and exhaust systems


Electrical systems

Wiring and lights

Glass, wipers, and defrosters

At Tire Kings, we provide accurate and reliable Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspections that are performed by expert mechanics and at a reasonable price.

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Out-of-Province Inspection FAQs:

How long do I have to register my out-of-province car (or truck)?

Alberta Transportation allows you 2 weeks (14 days) to register your out-of-province vehicle after completing an official Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspection. After that, you must receive a whole new inspection report in order to register your vehicle.

If your vehicle failed the initial inspection then Alberta Transportation allows 10 days to fix your car or truck from the date on the original inspection. After 10 days, however, an additional full inspection fee assessment will apply.

Vehicles that have been repaired and presented for re-inspection within this 10 day timeframe will only require verification of the outlined necessary repairs.

Does my antique or classic car, home garage rebuild, or street rod need an Out-of-Province Inspection?

Yes. According to Alberta Transportation’s guidelines (found here):

“Restored antique, classic, homebuilt, modified or street rod vehicles that were not previously registered, or those where proof of prior Alberta registration cannot be provided, must also undergo an OOP Vehicle Inspection the first time they are registered.”

Why do Out-of-Province Inspection costs differ between mechanics?

In Alberta, Out-of-Province Vehicle Inspections is a privatized service. As a result, inspection costs are set by the respective mechanic and/or auto repair shop that is offering this service.

Here at Tire Kings, we’re proud to offer top-notch vehicle inspections at some of the most fair prices in town. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Out of Province Vehicle Inspections

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